about sónia

Sónia Pereira is a photographer specialized in food photography, food styling, recipe development and lifestyle photography. Along with her work as a photographer, she also writes, produces and photographs for the blog The Healthy Sins where she shares her passion for cooking together with her husband Diogo.

When she photographs, she likes to combine visual art with honest details, thus creating real, delicious and appealing food images to the viewers. She likes to cook with products and ingredients of good quality that make the recipes shine, giving value in working with brands that present a commitment similar to hers and that demonstrate quality and passion for what they do.

Sónia is available for client work such as content creation for food brands, recipe features, cookbooks/magazines, restaurants, and still lives of people.

Clients & Publications

Adega Mayor

Terra Nostra

Auchan Portugal

Gelados de Portugal



Macaron d'Óbidos

Quinta da Casa Boa



The Supper Club Magazine